Herb-N-Tees 420 Friendly - Stoner Clothing

We are a recently established, family owned 420 Friendly Stoner Clothing brand that is dedicated to providing the freshest and most original weed shirts in the industry. If you're tired of the same old pothead t-shirt designs that you see on one website after another but still want to rep resent the high life, you've come to the right place. At Herb-N-Tees, we've got you covered with fresh, original designs that are only found here. At this time, we produce 420 stoner t-shirts, 420 weed hoodies and tank tops. However, we will introduce 420 Snapbacks and other stoner head wear to the mix, in the very near future.

What sets us apart from other 420 t-shirt and weed clothing brands is that, not only are most of our weed shirts available in a variety of colors but our collection of designs are created and developed in-house, exclusively for the Herb-N-Tees website. The cannabis t-shirt designs presented on this site are unlike any you have seen on other websites. We have high quality designs printed with top quality DTG (Direct to Garment) printers on great quality clothing.

We believe in exceptional customer service and take pride in every shirt we deliver. That means that we are not only here for you at the time your order is placed but through and beyond the delivery process. Your satisfaction means a great deal to us!

Take a look around, find your favorites and be the first in your squad to rock these exclusive weed shirt designs.